Young, but perspective – the market of cryptocurrencies

Young, but perspective – the market of cryptocurrencies

Long time only cryptoenthusiasts used cryptocurrency

These are those pillars of community on which the key principles of cryptocurrencies keep: decentralization, transparency, etc.

Cryptoenthusiasts are faithful to a crypt. They store it and whenever possible use for purchases on the Internet, fees in real life

By the way, at the moment the cryptocurrency is accepted for payment by more than 100 thousand outlets worldwide. And it is only officially registered which can be found on the interactive map of

The market of cryptocurrencies for the last few years reached capitalization in $267 billion and continues to grow. With periodic corrections, certainly

Many startups use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for development of the decisions alternative to existing

These decisions also attract investors. Startups turn into the public companies and…

Get to ETF Amplify Transformational Data Sharing

This fund was created in January, 2018 after “boom” of cryptocurrencies

It consists of the companies which are developed and use new technologies of work with data (with emphasis on a blockchain, certainly)


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