Mike Tyson set to launch blockchain platform, and ICON added 18.50%

Mike Tyson set to launch blockchain platform, and ICON added 18.50%

Hot kryptonovy for 24 hours

  • On October 16-17, Moscow will host the 4th Forum on Blockchain and Crypto Currencies – Blockchain Life 2019. 6,000 participants from 70 countries will discuss the development of technologies, profitable investment, share the vision of the market. “$10 Buffett” will also be among the first speakers. And the head of NEM, the creator of Bitcoin Gold, co-founder of IOTA, etc., will perform.
  • Ex-analyst of Goldman Sachs bank Murad Mahmoud recommends investors to think more broadly and not to pay attention to short-term hikes of the rate of Bitcoin. In his opinion, now the main crypto is moving towards the global goal – $100,000.
  • An investor under the name Captain Bitcoin told about his unsuccessful experience of buying real estate for crypto. In 2015, he sold 800 BTC to buy a house, and in 2018 he sold the house to buy 50 BTC. “The only thing I regret is that I sold my Bitcoins back then,” the investor admits.
  • Funds stolen from the Bitfinex exchange in 2016 came into motion again. Then hackers managed to assign 120,000 BTC, since then funds are moved, and the platform managed to return only a small part of them. This time, the amount of 30 BTC was transferred by hackers to a previously unused address.
  • Boxer Mike Tyson has announced his intention to launch a blockchain platform called Fight to Fame that will help athletes succeed in their careers. Through it will be possible to attract new fans, raise the rating, receive transparent payments. And after the release of native tokens, it will be possible to bet and participate in votes.

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BTC: $9 876,70 (↓6,21%)
ETH: $181,63 (↓12,09%)
XRP: $0,262862 (↓10,34%)
Bitcoin Cash: $299,11 (↓12,53%)
Litecoin: $74,74 (↓10,89%)


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