What prepares us flat Bitcoin $11 000?

What prepares us flat Bitcoin $11 000?

What prepares us flat Bitcoin $11 000?

Bitcoin from August 5 is flat, i.e., almost on the same price level.

Several breakout above the $12 000 was not a success, price once again retreated to $11 500 – $800 11 :chart_with_downwards_trend:

It is believed that “Flat” state of the market is the accumulation phase, after which it may be a sharp movement up or down.

And an event can be a catalyst for strong price movement.

The situation is now ambiguous :part_alternation_mark:

The last time we buy more Bitcoin in the experimental portfolio, today, acquiring EOS :briefcase:

In our rating System which is used for “Index of$ 10 Buffett”, EOS bypassed TRON. Maybe soon will pass and Ethereum.

The system takes into account many different indicators, some of which are:
◉ Transactional performance;
◉ share, market orders (pending orders);
◉ press, social media, management of the company;
◉ the story of the highs, volatility, protorgovki, capitalization;
◉ coding, activity and value of the community;
◉ liquidity, profit on the history;
◉ planned activities, openness of communication channels;
◉ reports, plans and more.


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