The most expensive company in the world will come for the IPO

The most expensive company in the world will come for the IPO

​​​​​​ the Most expensive company in the world will come for the IPO

At the moment TOP-3 among the public companies such:

Microsoft ($1.06 trillion capitalization);
Apple ($919.34 billion capitalization);
Amazon ($906.65 billion capitalization).

But at the beginning of 2020 the situation can exchange.

The oil-extracting giant from Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco plans to place the shares on the exchange.

In case of the successful IPO, capitalization of the company can reach $1.5 trillion.

Even if the total amount will appear below this mark, Saudi Aramco will cost all the same more the most expensive companies in the world – Microsoft, Apple and Amazon.

Saudi Aramco already made attempts to become public. At the beginning of 2016 the first offer to bring the company to the exchange arrived.

Then the prince of Saudi Arabia expected that the company will attract $2 trillion by means of placement of shares, but the last word remained for the king of the country – he cancelled the decision of the son.

Two years later Saudi Aramco got record net profit in the world: $111 billion.

It is 30% more than the total profit of five giants of the oil industry: ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Chevron and Total.

Saudi Aramco is the state company. Therefore the government of Saudi Arabia wants to carry out the IPO as soon as possible.

The raised funds of the power plan to spend for social and military needs and also to invest $500 billion in construction of the smart city of Neom.

Despite all coolness of this “offer”, there is a number of negative factors:

For example, the low price of oil and the growing popularity of alternative power engineering

All this can harmful affect an agiotage around the IPO of Saudi Aramco and so that the king will change the mind again)


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